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Pudgie's Lawn and Garden Center
3646 West Main St Rd
Batavia, NY 14020-9465
Phone: (585) 343-8352



Our Summer Hours are. Monday - Friday 9 to 6, Saturday & Sundays 9 to 4. Open 7 day's a week for your shoping convience. 






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We also have a very nice large selection of Japanese Maples. Ask sales associate to see the reference sheet on where to plant and sizes. They prefer morning sunlight and do not like west winter winds at all. 


Yes we do Gift Cards. Call and order one over the phone or stop in and get one today.







Mary's is recommending that you just prune back these long spindly perennials to get ready for her Fresh Fall Blooming one coming in soon. 

Bonide Poison Oak & Ivy Killer - killes the entire plant roots and all. Only $6.99 

You Need It - We Got It

Think "PUDGIE'S" First and Shop all the Local.




Bleeding Heart 



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Greenhouse at Pudgie' Lawn and Garden Center in Batavia, NYPudgie's Lawn and Garden Center was established in 1999.  It is a family owned garden center in the heart of Genesee County.

The retail store is located at 3646 West Main St. Rd. in Batavia, NY.  and the farm is located in Oakfield.  In February at the farm they start planting all the spring and summer flowers and perennials.

The garden center sells not only flowers and perennials, but it has a full well stocked nursery with many varieties of trees and shrubs. You can also find Tropical plants for summer decoration or use as indoor displays. There is also a 1500 sq. ft. gift shop where you can find a nice display of garden solving products, grass seed, birdseed and feeders along with that unique gift such as Corinthian Bells high-end wind chimes.

The garden center is a seasonal business open from spring right up through the Christmas tree season. In the winter it is open Saturday for the bird lovers to get their Pudgie's Premium birdseed.

Why not take the short ride out to Pudgie's and meet the friendly Cornell Master Gardener trained staff.

 What To Be Doing Now

Flying insect going to crash your party? Not if you rent the Bonide Fogger, only $20.00 (24hrs.) plus the Fog oil. Two sizes of oil, city yard or country yard sizes.

It is time to treat your lawn for GRUBS. We have Turfline 10,000 Sq. Ft. Coverage bags for only $32.99 or we have a Special on Milky Spore 10,000 Sq. Ft. Coverage (40 oz.) for only $67.49. That is 25% off for the month of August.

It is Japanese Beetle time again. Protect your gardens with Beetle traps, replacement bags and lure. We also carry the Japanese Beetle spray. Stop in today before the damage is done.

At Pudgie's we carry Diatomaceous Earth and Milorganite for the Organic Gardners in all of us.

Our Master Nursery Gardners Gold Potting Soil and Bumper Crop Soil Amendment are Both now Certified OMRI Organic products.

Bonide concentrate "KleenUp" has 41.00% Glyphosate Active Ingredient why it's Competitor "round up" is only 18.00% and more exensive. Which make more scents? If you want those weeds dead stop into Pudgie's and pick up some KleenUp today and save some money. Bonide is a New York State Company, keep New York workers working.

Houseplant Care Prodcts. Leaf Shine, Soil Moist, Systemic House Plant Insect Control, Insecticidal Soap, Fertilizers,African Violet Food, Fish & Seaweed Fetilizer, Osmocote



The selection of Mums look great. We do grow our own Hardy Mums.

New item just in - Hi-Lo hanging basket pulley with swivel. No more lifting heavy watering cans over your head. Hold up to 25lbs.

Select Massarelli Fountains are now on Sale at 25% off. Stop in to take advantage of these beautiful pieces.

Botanical Interests" - Sprouting Seeds & Micro Greens. Enjoy healthy and nutritious sprouts at home any time of the year. Many Micro Greens and Sprout seed packs to choose from. All varieties ready in just days.










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Pudgies Lawn and Garden Center in Batavia, NY offers a wide variety Plants,  Nursery Stock, and Garden Supplies.  Be it trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, garden decor items, or garden care items, you will find it all at Pudgie's.